About Us

About Us

Water is a vital resource crucial for sustainable development. However, the crisis of its scarcity and pollution presents a significant challenge to environmental sustainability, ecosystems, society, the economy, and human health.
Sustainable solutions to this crisis aim to enhance the availability and quality of water while advocating for responsible usage, reuse, and substantial reduction in overextraction. This approach ensures the conservation of water across diverse ecosystems, safeguarding this indispensable resource for both present and future generations.
At Barkaima, we draw inspiration from nature and the principles of the circular economy to tackle the pressing issue of water scarcity. Our innovative technologies leverage natural biological and chemical regenerative processes to convert wastewater into high-value resources in a 100% sustainable manner. By promoting the transition from a linear economy, characterized by “use and throw away” practices, to a circular one that emphasizes “use and reuse,” we facilitate the adoption of alternative water sources and harness the potential of water’s nutrients. This paradigm shift moves away from an extraction-centric approach towards one rooted in regeneration and conservation.

Our Values

At Barkaima, we are guided by a commitment to sustainability, innovation, collaboration, integrity, and impact. These values underpin every aspect of our work as we strive to revolutionize water management for a greener, more resilient future.
Our Vision

Our vision at Barkaima is to lead the way towards a world where water scarcity is no longer a threat, but an opportunity for regeneration and sustainability. We envision a future where our technology enables communities and industries to thrive in harmony with nature, conserving water resources and promoting ecological balance.

Our Mission

At Barkaima, our mission is to pioneer sustainable solutions for water quality and scarcity by harnessing innovative technologies inspired by nature. We are committed to driving biological and chemical processes to transform marginal and wastewater into valuable resources, promoting a circular economy and fostering environmental stewardship for future generations.


Jorge Schwartz

Founder & CEO

Alejandro Gutierrez


Felipe Gutierrez Olano

Application Engineering
Technical Support