Manage brackish and saline irrigation water source sustainably, while enhancing soil quality and crop yields with Barkaima's water solutions tailored for agricultural use, conserving water resources and optimizing nutrient management for healthier harvests.


Remove sustainably limescale deposits formations along the industrial hydraulic system and protect its elements from damage, blockage or erosion and increasing profitabilty by keeping the facilty running steady and efficiently while minimizing maintenance operating costs.


Optimize water quality and fish health in aquaculture operations with Barkaima's specialized solutions, promoting sustainable growth and resilience in the aquaculture industry.


Treat wastewater effectively and sustainably with Barkaima's advanced technologies, minimizing pollution and maximizing resource recovery for a cleaner environment.


Turn 100% of domestic sewage liquids into reusable water for irrigation and other urban uses and recover it sludges as fertlizer, while promoting water saving and its conservation and preventing contamination of water tables, rivers and lakes produced by sewage waste.


Improve water quality, vitality and stabilty of the open water bodies sustainably, and control the algae and aquatic weed without chemical and pesticides, promoting natural resources restoration and reducing our environmental footprint.


Create a healthier and more natural swimming experience, minimizing or eliminating the use of chlorine and other harsh chemicals with Barkaima's pool disinfection water solutions, while decreasing the overall environmental impact of pool maintenance.


Upgrade guest water quality experience, and reduce limescale buildup in pipes and equipment of water heater systems, food and laundry facilties, lowering maintenance, chemicals and operating costs, while making sustainable actions and practices for eco-conscious consumers.

Renewable Energies

Enhance solar energy generation productivity while optimizing crop growth conditions. Produce low-cost green hydrogen while simultaneously treating industrial wastewater and reducing the industry environmental footprint.

Livestock Health

Our innovative water solutions improve livestock health by providing access to clean, nutrient-rich water, enhancing their overall well-being and productivity while minimizing the environmental impact of agricultural operations.


By integrating our circular water technologies into hydroponic systems, we ensure optimal water quality for plant growth, maximizing yields while minimizing water usage and nutrient runoff, thus promoting sustainable agriculture in both urban and rural settings.

Water Quality - IoT/AI

Leveraging IoT and AI, our water quality monitoring systems offer real-time data insights and forecasts, enabling proactive management of water resources. This ensures water quality meets specific quality and safety standards.